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​Juli Ordower Landscape Architecture LLC is a full service design firm that specializes in creating intimate spaces for live, work, play. Projects can range from small spaces, such as parkways and residential gardens, to larger sites such as courtyards, plazas, and playgrounds.  Elements include landscape, hardscape, site furnishings, playground equipment, lighting, green roof, rooftops, irrigation and water features.

The process begins with the goal of creating an intimate design partnership. We will form a connection with you, to fully identify and understand your priorities and vision for your space. Drawing on previous design experience and knowledge of innovative materials, we will work collaboratively to create the perfect landscape for you. This design process is highly effective whether you already have concrete ideas in mind or only know that you want something different.

Once the design is complete, we can move into the construction phase.  We will evaluate the costs, refining the materials and design as necessary to meet the desired budget. We can recommend, select, and evaluate contractors to perform the installation, whether or not we oversee the construction. Our goal is to provide comprehensive design services that ensure a successful project.

Services include:​

  • Initial consultation
  • Documentation of existing conditions​
  • Design drawing including site plan and inspirational images
  • Perspective renderings
  • Plant selection and sourcing
  • Material selection and sourcing
  • Conceptual grading and drainage
  • Progress meetings to review design ideas​
  • Cost estimating
  • Permitting (if required)
  • Contractor evaluation, recommendation and pricing
  • Value engineering
  • ​Seasonal plantings: beds or potted​
  • Construction management/Project Manager​

The above services can be selected on an individual basis or combined into a custom package.

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